Case Study: My Experience With Classes

July 13, 2017


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Is STEM Education Really the Best?

STEM education is definitely a hot topic in the education world but there is a lot of doubt on whether it is effective. There is no doubt that it is prudent to perform some research prior to deciding on the best education program for your kid. In this article, we take a closer look as to why STEM education has failed to deliver a good result as anticipated.

Top on the list is the fact that this approach is nothing short of subjective. Your kid will only be interested in this should they have a soft spot for Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Should it be that your youngster prefers to give this subjects a wide berth, they will not find this worthwhile. Keep in mind that there are kids that emerge successful in other subjects and being part of STEM program will at times be a big hindrance.

One of the major issues with this model is that it lacks clear cut guidelines about what a student needs to learn. You will be surprised to learn that each school has a different program and thus the topics will vary. This goes to say the STEM model doesn’t have what it takes to prepare students for college education as they will have gone through a system with lots of inconsistencies.

It is along the same lines that there lacks proper teacher certification. This means that you are never sure whether what your kid is being taught is really worth it. Times we are living in are laced with cutthroat competition and it would be good to channel every minute into imparting an education that will be beneficial in days to come. STEM is not the best now that national standards are yet to be set.

Experts say that STEM comes with reduced efficacy as it starts at middle school instead of elementary school. Commencing this journey at elementary level is the best way to offer the student the needed impetus to make it through STEM education. This is the best time as it makes sure the student learns of the basics needed to understand more complex ideas. Starting this at middle school is like introducing a new concept yet the student has probably made up their mind on what line of education they would want to pursue.

What is more, students that do not perform as expected will in most cases get left out. The STEM program has been seen to be more of an elitist approach where students that are well prepared will succeed but those that are not will be lagging way behind. According to experts, STEM never seems to help students that don’t perform well yet all that is probably needed is a little push to excel.