Smart Tips For Finding Repairs

July 13, 2017


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Understanding Auto Glass Chips and Cracks and Its Repair or Replacement When it comes to a windshield glass that we find in front of a vehicles, it is good to know that manufacturing them is made up of two layers of glass glued and separated by a complete layer of polyvinyl butyrate. This PVB layer basically acts as glue and seal that puts the two pieces of glass together to serve several purposes. The most important purpose though is to maintain its soundness in the event of a mishap, windshields should less likely shatter during that occurrences. However, when damage to auto glass occurs, it’s not uncommon for the owner to immediately start to look for a replacement. But truth be known, glass repair has been around for a while but has not been added to the equation then because insurance companies only option is to replace the entire windshield which is extremely rare to find costly if not expensive. The good thing is that today, most insurance companies, are already covering windshield repair instead of windshield replacement. If the damage to the auto glass is controlled and in a small location with minimal cracks, then the easiest and most effective solution is to repair it. The cost of repairing your auto glass is very low and it is even far less that the deductible amount for the replacement of your auto glass by insurance companies. And the reason for this is because the crack or chip in your auto glass is small and it will cost a fraction or as low as only $50 and it will be good as new. There is usually a $15 charge for each crack after the first and $150 for large cracks. The amount is fairly small compared to paying around $10000 for a brand new windshield or glass.
Getting Down To Basics with Automobiles
It is possible to prevent your windshield from getting cracked or chipped in some ways or avoid getting involved in a mishap. This includes avoiding from following a vehicle too close by and staying as far as 6 cars lengths behind from gravel or other loose debris hauler trucks.
Getting Down To Basics with Automobiles
Sometimes repairing is no longer possible, and this is true in situations where there are a large number of chips in your windshield like your car was shot several times, if cracks exceed 6 inches, if the chips is bigger than a quarter and if the damaged area is in front of the driver, then the best option to take is to replace the windshield so that you can stay safe. Speaking about repairing your windshield, do not trust your auto glass repair or replacement to just anyone. The repair should bring back your windshield to perfect condition, that is, with maximum visibility and safety. If the repair is poor, the windshield can be further damaged and the risk of getting injured in an accident is high.